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My Top 5 Episodes

#028: German Survival Phrases for the Restaurant

#023 Verbs that take the Accusative in German

#020 The 3 biggest mistakes I see Geman Learners make - and how to avoid them

#015 How to use Sie or du - Formal and Informal German

#005 How to pronounce "-ich" and "-ach"


I'm Charlotte.
My mission is to help learners of German from their first sentences to fluency, so that they can successfully live, work, and make friends in Germany.

I'm a German native speaker, certified language teacher and mother of 4 kids, and I use my insider knowledge to give you a solid base for your life in Germany.

By now, I’ve helped more than 230.000 Students from all over the world in private lessons, group courses, on Instagram, on YouTube, and my popular "Uplevel Your German" podcast to learn or improve their German.

What is your goal?

Maybe you “just” want to be able to communicate in everyday life.  Or maybe you want to take an exam in German. Or you have challenged yourself to read German literature. Or you simply want to find your way through the German systems (school, medical, …) and make local friends in Germany.
Whatever your goal is, I’m here to help you reach it:  

You, too, can be a fluent and confident German speaker!